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Network operators tender record 3.7GW of flexibility over last year

Image: Getty.

Image: Getty.

Over the past 12 months, network operators have tendered for a record 3.7GW of distribution network flexibility.

According to new figures from the Energy Networks Association (ENA) this was a 31% increase on last year, and a 76% increase on 2020.

This tendered flexibility will free up almost 4GW of capacity to help manage network congestion on Britain electricity networks.

Distribution network operators (DNOs) have already announced 2GW of tenders for the next 12 months, with more expected that will continue the trend of increasing flexibility procurement.

“Britain’s energy networks are powering forward further and faster than ever in expanding flexibility across the grid,” said Farina Farrier, head of Open Networks at ENA.

“As we transition towards a smarter and more flexible energy system, flexibility will increasingly play a key role, with the network geared towards facilitating a two-way relationship between consumer and grid.”

Britain’s local flexibility markets are the largest in the world, according to the ENA, with this helping to create a more efficient, cost-effective and decarbonised grid.

In recent months, a number of DNOs have announced flexibility tenders, including UK Power Networks opening a procurement round for 292MW in April, Western Power Distribution launching a flexibility tender for 278.34MW in January, SP Energy Networks accepting 555MW of bids of flexibility services in November, and Electricity North West calling for 259MW of flexibility in November for example.


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