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New SaaS product tado° 360 launched as firm eyes ‘holistic’ energy system

Image: tado°

Image: tado°

Climate management company tado° has today launched its new Software as a Service (SaaS) product: tado° 360.

The SaaS product remotely monitors the health of a home’s heating system, allowing engineers to enact faster, more efficient repairs and ease maintenance.

tado° 360 will help “comprehensively monitor” systems 24/7, according to co-founder and CPO Christian Deilmann

“Our service represents a step change in the way this market operates and opens up new possibilities for energy companies to transition into holistic and highly-efficient energy service providers.”

The SaaS monitors metrics such as water pressure, pump speed, and error codes using the tado° Smart Thermostat, which establishes a two-way digital connection between the boiler and control. Algorithms are then used to provide predictive maintenance.

The company says that the technology can reduce customer callouts from two to one, dramatically reducing the cost of heating repairs. Currently the European heating repair market is worth £66 billion and covers 220 million homes.

Yoann Martin, director of product and engineering at Kaluza, said that tado°’s products had “great potential to decarbonise the European heating market by enabling tech-centric customer propositions.”

“tado° 360 demonstrates how smart software has the power to solve efficiency challenges at scale and transform the customer experience.”


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