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NewMotion continues to expand platform partnering with

Image: NewMotion.

Image: NewMotion.

NewMotion has formed a roaming partnership with, adding 450 charge points to its growing roaming network.

This number is expected to more than double again in coming months as on-street charge point operator expands its network. It is utilising existing electric infrastructure such as lampposts and satellite bollards to provide charging solutions for customers who do have a private charge point.

The company’s network currently spans residential areas of London, Buckinghamshire and Coventry, but it has plans to extend beyond these regions, adding further cities during 2020. CEO Richard Stobart said it was “delighted” to be collaborating with NewMotion to make the company’s charge points available to more people.

“E-mobility depends on access to easy and practical infrastructure, whether it is conveniently located charge points or a single roaming network accessible via one charge card or subscription, and we are happy for all customers to charge easily.”

NewMotion already has more than 2,500 charge points on its roaming network, and has been working to scale this up. In 2020 alone, it has agreed partnerships with Aldi, Mazda and Alphabet along with other roaming agreements. Alan McCleave, UK general manager of NewMotion, added: “A seamless network of charge points is vital for existing and prospective EV drivers. Through roaming partnerships such as this one with we help create easy access to the ever growing public charging network for plug-in drivers.”


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