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NewMotion partners Fleet Operations to support electric ‘fleet vehicle powertrain’

Image: NewMotion.

Image: NewMotion.

NewMotion has signed a new partnership with fleet management specialist Fleet Operations to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions.

The partnership includes improved access to charging infrastructure for Fleet Operations – and its sister company TraXall UK – that will allow them to take advantage of NewMotion’s charge points and online tools, which can provide them with real-time information on availability and charging speeds.

NewMotion’s EV charge card works with a public roaming service that enables access to charge points from other operators, allowing the company to have one of the largest charging networks in Europe, with more than 160,000 charging points across 35 countries that Fleet Operations will be able to utilise.

The company has had a busy year, signing a number of agreements to continue the expansion of its network. Most recently, it formed a roaming partnership with, adding 450 charge points to its network.

Alan McCleave, UK general manager of NewMotion, said they were “delighted” to by partnering with Fleet Operations, to help them and their customers transition to e-mobility.

“Fleet Operations is an independent company with a global footprint and is growing rapidly. Our 10 years’ experience of working with businesses to provide EV charging solutions enables us to work with Fleet Operations collaboratively to develop its EV charging strategy and ensure a seamless installation experience for its customers.”

Fleet Operations is going to install seven charge points at its HQ to support workplace charging. It will be able to access NewMotion’s Business Hub, allowing fleets to monitor and control aspect of new charging infrastructure at their offices, including real-time data on charging costs.

Richard Hipkiss, Fleet Operations managing director said that EVs are set to become the “predominant fleet vehicle powertrain”, with a significant increasing in both plug-in hybrids and EVs already seen across their customers.

“This trend will continue as clients increasingly review their vehicle and fuel strategies in light of the government’s tax incentives for zero-emission vehicles, and the future ban on the sale of new petrol, diesel or hybrid cars.

“This partnership with NewMotion reinforces our commitment to providing industry leading support for this rapidly expanding market.”


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