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NHS Trust to save £9 million from refurbished energy centre

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Scarborough Hospital’s refurbished energy centre was officially opened by the Trust’s chief executive, Patrick Crowley (right), and Brian Golding, director of estates and facilities (left). Image: York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is expecting to make more than £9 million in energy savings over the next 15 years following the completion of the refurbishment of Scarborough Hospital’s energy centre.

The £3.2 million project delivered by Vital Energi will achieve savings of £512,000 in its first year, a 31% reduction on current energy bills and operating costs.

The upgrade to the facility includes improved boiler control and the installation of a combined heat and power (CHP) unit which is expected to result in a 38% reduction in carbon emissions on top of savings to the hospital’s energy costs.

The unit will supply all of the hospital’s night time electricity, over 70% of its day time electricity and make a substantial contribution to the heating and hot water supply.

Brian Golding, director of estates and facilities at the NHS Trust, commented: “As an organisation, we are very much aware of sustainability issues and are committed to reducing our environmental impact.  

“Our sustainable development group ensures that we are consistently addressing energy consumption across all our hospitals, looking at everything from light bulbs through to the design of new buildings.” 

In addition to a major energy saving and carbon reduction project at York Hospital in 2014 and similar work at Bridlington Hospital last year, the Trust is expecting over £26.5 million in guaranteed savings following the completion of the Scarborough facility.

This will be reinvested in patient car while all three sites will contribute carbon emissions reductions of 5,800 tonnes a year.


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