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Nissan and EDF pen European vehicle-to-grid EV charging partnership

Image: Nissan.

Image: Nissan.

Nissan and EDF have signed a wide-ranging EV cooperation agreement which aims to bring forward new EV charging technologies.

The partnership will see the two companies collaborate on vehicle-to-grid capabilities in particular, combining technologies the duo have brought to market already. It will see Nissan take the mantle of selling V2G-compatible EVs, while EDF is to work on bringing to market a range of V2G solutions and related services.

Nissan said V2G tech was “fundamental” to its EV strategy and stood to benefit both grids and consumers, while simultaneously opening up new financial opportunities for businesses and fleet owners.

EDF meanwhile has pointed to both its EV charging infrastructure subsidiary Izivia and commercial V2G joint venture with NUVVE, Dreev.

The new arrangement between EDF and Nissan will be dedicated to the UK, French, Belgian and Italian markets, expanding on a previous partnership between the two in the UK which was tailored towards electric mobility and second-life battery use.

Yannick Duport, group electric mobility director at EDF, said the company was convinced that the development of electric transport would be supported by partnerships such as this one.

“By combining our expertise with Nissan, we are able to work together to make low-carbon transport a reality for businesses today and for wider society in the near future. Our ability to offer our customers solutions that will help them to invest in electric vehicles and start to realise the financial and environmental benefits they bring is achievable through partnerships such as this,” he said.


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