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Octopus partners EO Charging for EV charging solution

Image: EO Charging.

Image: EO Charging.

Octopus Electric Vehicles and EO Charging have partnered to launch a new EV charging solution.

It bundles a Nissan Leaf with 8,000 miles per year, the EO Mini Smart Home charger and the Octopus Go tariff together for an initial leasing cost plus £271 ongoing.

The EO Mini Smart Home is being lauded as the smallest in the world at less than a sheet of A5 paper in length, and is available at an introductory price of £369.

The charger syncs with the Octopus Go tariff, which uses dynamic time of use pricing to allow for charging when its cheapest or greenest, including overnight charging at 5p/kWh. It can all then be managed via the EO Smart Home app, but it is only available for a limited time.

Charlie Jardine, CEO of EO Charging, said:Electric vehicle chargers are more than ‘just a plug’. They’re the first piece of the puzzle in giving people energy autonomy and the future of mobility relies on the smart charging technology we’re developing."

Octopus Electric Vehicles also partnered Wallbox in June to launch what it claimed to be the smallest and lightest vehicle-to-grid charger in the world.

It formed part of Octopus’ Powerloop bundle, launched in September 2018.

And in March, Octopus Electric Vehicles and Octopus Energy launched Electric Juice, a green power supply service targeted specifically at the electric transport sector.

Fiona Howarth, CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles, said at home charging technology can be a “stumbling block” for people looking to transition to EVs due to previous models often being “large and clumpy”.

“The EO Mini Smart Home makes this a problem of the past. We are incredibly proud to partner with a business that has similar values to ours, one that breaks the mould and is constantly looking to innovate within the electric vehicle market to deliver affordable, convenient electric vehicle solutions,” Howarth added.


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