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Octopus teams up with MIRA Technology Park for green hydrogen and EV forecourt

A graphic of what the EV and green hydrogen forecourt at the MIRA Technology Park will look like. Image: Octopus.

A graphic of what the EV and green hydrogen forecourt at the MIRA Technology Park will look like. Image: Octopus.

Octopus Hydrogen and Octopus Renewables have announced a new partnership with mobility R&D location MIRA Technology Park, for the development of a hydrogen and electric vehicle (EV) charging forecourt.

A purpose-built 7MW ground-mounted solar array will be developed alongside the forecourt by Octopus Renewables to power both the EV charging and an onsite hydrogen electrolyser.

Enough hydrogen will be generated per day to support 60 cars’ worth of fuel, helping 40 industries located at the MIRA Technology Park to increasingly transition to greener transport alternatives. A number of companies onsite, including REE and Viritech, have already announced their intent to focus on the development of hydrogen technologies.

The high-power, 300kW EV chargers will build on an existing network of over 70 charging points already onsite at the technology park.

“Transport is responsible for a third of all man-made carbon emissions in the UK, and while we are making headway in electrifying cars, we need hydrogen to clean up those sectors that cannot be decarbonised through batteries alone,” said William Rowe, founder and CEO of Octopus Hydrogen.

“The integrated green hydrogen and EV charging station is the best representation of the complementary nature of these technologies. This is the first deliverable in our future plans with MIRA Technology Park that includes the ambition to bring liquid hydrogen refuelling on stream in the future.”

The partnership with MIRA Technology Park is the latest in a string of announcements from Octopus Hydrogen, which was unveiled as a new arm of the wider Octopus Group back in April 2021. This includes a strategic partnership with Innova Renewables and Novus to roll out green hydrogen production across the UK in October, while Octopus Renewables announcing £3 billion investment into green hydrogen as part of a new partnership with RES.


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