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Ohme launches EV charging app that can save drivers £1,300 a year

Image: Ohme.

Image: Ohme.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging company Ohme has launched a new app allowing owners to control the costs of charging vehicles.

The Ohme App utilises time of use tariffs to allow EV owners to choose the cheapest charging times. This allows them to save up to £275-£350 a year compared to standard tariffs, the company said, and up to £1,300 when compared to petrol vehicles.

EV owners can download the app, which connects directly to the EV itself, and immediately gain visibility and control over charging, the company said. On the app they can create charging schedules and choose preferences all remotely.

It has initially been launched for Tesla vehicles, but it is set to be rolled out to at least three other vehicle manufacturers over the coming weeks.

David Watson, CEO of Ohme, said: “In late 2020, the UK government announced a ban on the sale of new ICE vehicles by 2030, which will bring 10 million EVs to our roads by the end of the decade. And while the cost of EVs is falling, we still need a way to bring down the total cost of ownership."

The app follows the Ohme Fleet Dashboard, an app-based service designed to track and minimise charging costs through allowing charging and vehicle miles to be categorised as home, workplace or destination which is being utilised by the likes of Octopus Electric Vehicles.


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