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Ohme to provide smart EV charging for Octopus salary sacrifice scheme

Image: Octopus.

Image: Octopus.

Ohme has partnered with Octopus Electric Vehicles to provide smart charging technology for its Electric Dreams salary sacrifice scheme.

Electric Dreams was unveiled earlier this month by the electric vehicle (EV) leasing company, and will offer average savings of £14,445 over three years through drivers sacrificing some pre-tax salary in return for a new electric car, taking advantage of the current low Benefit in Kind tax rates on electric cars.

Drivers who order an electric vehicle (EV) before July 2021 will also receive an Ohme wall charger, with smart charging to enable employees to sync their charging with the cheapest hours of the day automatically. Drivers will need to let the Ohme app know how much charge they want and when, and then the app optimises it for them.

David Watson, CEO and founder of Ohme, said the company is thrilled to be working with Octopus Electric Vehicles as its charging partner, adding that when smart charging is used "in tandem with incentive schemes like Electric Dreams, the barriers to EV adoption for the average driver come tumbling down".

The duo have previously worked together to launch a bundle for fleet operators in January 2020 in partnership with Alfen and FLEETCOR. This solution aimed to assist fleet managers and businesses making the switch to EVs, providing support from selecting the right vehicle to charging platforms that allow users to split energy and miles between home, work and on the go.

Earlier this year, Ohme launched a new app allowing owners to control the costs of charging vehicles, utilising time of use tariffs to allow EV owners to choose the cheapest charging times.


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