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Osprey becomes first CPO to subscribe to ChargeSafe

Image: Osprey.

Image: Osprey.

Osprey Charging has become the first chargepoint operator (CPO) to subscribe to public charging endorsement body ChargeSafe.

The body is working to inspect and rate all of the UK’s charging locations on the basis of 63 safety and accessibility criteria by the end of the year. Ratings out of five will then be made public.

Thanks to subscribing, Osprey will be able to review the data behind the scores, allowing it to identify specific areas to further improve the charging service it offers.

“We have long been supporters of what ChargeSafe stand for and we’re proud to become the first CPO to subscribe to its thorough, EV charging location rating system,” Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging said.

“We are committed to providing safe, reliable and accessible EV charging for all. That means well-lit sites, the best chargers and the ability for wheelchairs and anyone with mobility requirements to have the space and access to charge, pay and enjoy our facilities.”

ChargeSafe’s accessibility criteria are in line with the draft PAS1899 BSI standards for accessible chargepoints, which have been co-sponsored by Motability and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.

The safety criteria includes lighting and CCTV as well as the nearby facilities and business of the site, meaning drivers have informed charging option information for day or night.

“The aim of ChargeSafe is to support the public charging networks to identify areas for improvement with greater accuracy, championing what’s being done well and ultimately leading to a more inclusive charging experience for the UK,” said ChargeSafe co-founder, Kate Tyrrell.

“We’re delighted to be working with a leading nation-wide charging network such as Osprey and we hope other CPOs follow suit soon to give drivers better charge options when considering their safety and accessibility needs.”

Osprey’s Paisley Pear eight-charger, high power hub has become its first to be inspected, scoring a pre-launch rating of 4.46/5. This includes the highest accessibility score seen so far by ChargeSafe on the UK network so far, the company said.

Accessibility remains a key challenge for the EV rollout, but one gaining increasing attention, a recent in-depth feature from Current± found.

The new Paisley Pear hub was the first in a new accessible design launched by Osprey, with hubs launched in 2021 Banbury Cross, Wolverhampton and Croydon, scoring 4.26, 3.96 and 3.80 respectively.

Osprey is currently planning to roll out 150 high power EV charging hubs by 2024, as part of a £75 million investment programme announced in September.

The CPO has signed a number of roaming partnerships in recent years, including with Paua, NewMotion - now renamed Shell Recharge Solutions - and Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice network.

In June, British Gas announced a new partnership with the company, giving its fleet drivers access to Ospreys 300 rapid charging station in the UK.


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