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OVO claims world first install of domestic V2G charger

Image: OVO/Indra.

Image: OVO/Indra.

Energy tech firm OVO Energy has claimed a world first with the maiden install of a domestic vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charger in a customer’s home.

The installation was confirmed at the end of last year and Tom Pakenham, the firm’s director of electric vehicles, heralded the milestone.

“By developing vehicle-to-grid technology we’re enabling drivers to store renewable energy in their cars, use that to power their homes and to sell energy back to the grid at peak times, allowing our customers to earn rewards from smart charging their electric vehicle,” he said.

OVO unveiled its domestic V2G charging solution in April 2018 alongside a suite of other domestic energy technology products, citing the 6kW, bi-directional charger to be a world’s first.

The product is available to owners of Nissan LEAF drivers with a 30 or 40kWh battery, and OVO described the move as an “important step for both companies” in their energy ambitions.

The install also forms part of the Innovate UK-led, government-funded V2G competition which has seen OVO partner with Nissan, Cenex and Indra. Under the terms of the trial, those participating will be required to remain as OVO customers for its two-year duration and consumer feedback is to be gathered throughout.


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