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OVO Energy hands £5.5 million smart meter contract to Trojan Utilities

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Gareth Openshaw said Trojan Utilities expected to install as many as 250,000 meters this year. Image: Trojan Utilities.

UK energy provider OVO Energy has awarded a £5.5 million contract to Trojan Utilities which will see the company install hundreds of thousands of smart meters in homes and businesses.

Trojan will upgrade gas and electricity meters for OVO customers as the utility looks to ramp up its rollout, tying in with UK government ambitions to do the same throughout 2016.

Melissa Gander, managing director at OVO In-Home Technology, said that OVO expected to install as many as 100,000 smart meters this year.

“The demand for smart meter technology is at an all time high and we are committed to delivering the best solutions for our customers. This partnership with Trojan means we can now install smart technology into more of our customers’ homes than ever before,” she said.

Trojan meanwhile expects to install up to 250,000 meters over the course of the next 12 months as it works alongside OVO and other independent energy suppliers.

“This is exciting news for Trojan and marks our development as the largest and fastest growing independent installer of Smart Meters in the UK.  

“To be chosen by OVO Energy to assist with their own fantastic business growth is very pleasing and is testament to the skills, experience and dedication of the management team and all the staff of Trojan Utilities,” Gareth Openshaw, MD at Trojan Utilities, said.

The government aims to have a smart meter in every home and business by 2020, equating to approximately 53 million meters. So far the government has installed just over two million devices, however the forthcoming year is expected to see the deployment programme ramp up significantly.

Last week energy secretary Amber Rudd claimed “good progress” was being made across the smart meter rollout programme and lauded the devices’ ability to be “of huge advantage” to bill payers.


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