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OVO teams up with Mitsubishi for ‘innovative’ new green solutions

Image: OVO.

Image: OVO.

OVO Energy is continuing its flurry of activity, striking up a new partnership with automotive giant Mitsubishi Motors.

The partnership comes at a busy time for OVO, announcing the £500 million deal to acquire SSE’s energy supply division in September, as well as investing in clean energy marketplace Renewable Exchange a month later.

Mitsubishi already owns a 20% stake in OVO, and the partnership will see the two companies offer “innovative green solutions” to their respective customer bases, OVO said.

A spokesperson for the supplier told Current± the first of these would be announced in early 2020, and that OVO “expects more to follow”, but did not provide any more detail.

OVO currently offers a one-stop solution dubbed EV Everywhere, providing EV drivers with either a free Smart Charger or POLAR plus membership, with a two-year Fixed Energy plan.

OVO was announced as the supplier for BP Chargemaster’s POLAR network in 2017. Earlier this year, it unveiled its Plan Zero, which included ambitions to install flexible, low carbon technologies such as smart meters and smart EV chargers in five million UK homes over the next decade.

Tom Pakenham, director of EVs at OVO Energy, said the company is “delighted” to explore “innovate and exciting ways” to benefit both customers and the environment.

“Electrifying transport represents one of the biggest opportunities for like-minded businesses to work together and offer competitive greener solutions to their customers,” he added.

Mitsubishi has been active in the energy sector as of late, announcing plans to invest in Eneco and having a hand in the sale of Electricity North West.

Rob Lindley, managing director of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, said the collaboration will encourage more people to “accelerate their decarbonisation ambitions”, as well as making it more convenient, affordable and practical.


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