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People's Energy calls on Chancellor to provide support for domestic renewables initiatives

Image: People's Energy.

Image: People's Energy.

People’s Energy is calling on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to deliver further support for renewable energy programmes in next week’s Budget.

The energy supplier asked for investment relief and incentives for broader green tech innovation, and measures to help improve the fabric of housing. Social housing in particular was highlighted, with People’s Energy also suggesting solar panels should be put onto social housing in order to support Climate Emergency Targets and to support people on low incomes in reducing their bills.

When it comes to improving the fabric of housing, the government is set to introduce the Future Homes Standard from 2025. This will see requirements for "very high" fabric standards come into play, as well as requirements for carbon saving technology.

People’s Energy is also calling for more household related initiatives such as for home insulation, solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles.

Currently, the Green Homes Grant initiative is providing financial support for the installation of green measures such as home insulation and - in the Local Authority of the scheme - solar PV. However, it has been plagued with a number of problems including delays in payments to installers and has been the subject of much criticism.

Alongside measures to support renewables, People's Energy is also calling on the Chancellor to tackle fuel poverty, asking for a free, government-run and impartial energy comparison webservice to be introduced.

Additionally, the government should extend the furlough scheme and invest into levelling up society by increasing the national living wage, improving Universal Credit, raising personal allowance and basic rate tax bands and working to ensure our educational system supports everyone more equally.

Co-founder of People’s Energy Company, Karin Sode, said: “Helping people who are in real need now should be a priority for Rishi Sunak. Helping renewable initiatives will help alleviate the crisis going forward, not least of all through improving the quality of housing and through that, energy efficiency. Both are essential if the UK is to end fuel poverty.”


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