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PODCAST: Green grids under extreme weather pressure and more expensive solar

Image: Sunrun.

A lone house powered by its self-generated and stored power in Texas amidst the February winter storm. Image: Sunrun.

The new episode of the Solar Media Podcast, sponsored by Honeywell, is now available stream, as we take stock of the lessons renewables and power grids can learn from recent winter storms in Texas.

There’s also discussion surrounding the short-term solar module price increase occurring in China and how it will be felt by overseas markets, while we also explore the growing appetite for energy storage investments.

Meanwhile, the podcast does inside US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s in-tray, and Andy Colthorpe takes a look at the rise of Special-purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) and what they may mean for the renewables sector.

The podcast can be streamed below:

Alternatively, you can subscribe and listen to the podcast on the Solar Media Editor’s Channel, which is now on all popular audio channels, including;

This episode of the Solar Media Podcast is brought to you by Honeywell.

Image: Honeywell.


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