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Renewables distributor offers new partner scheme to fund UK renewables

Renewables distributor offers new partner scheme to fund UK renewables

Renewable energy distributor, Flogas Renewables is offering it’s new partner scheme to overcome the barrier of renewable installer credit limitations.

Talking to Next Energy News at this year’s Solar Energy UK event, David Taylor, business development manager for wind and PV at Flogas, said the end user contract scheme allows installers to take on bigger jobs that would have previously been challenged by credit limits.

Taylor also said Flogas is looking to focus on commercial rooftop solar installations under 5MW, as the market “has not been tapped yet, residential is already substantial, large scale is in decline, so we are looking to exploit [commercial rooftops].”

Previously, installers with bad credit were limited, explained Taylor, now installers can take on larger projects, while Flogas’ partner scheme allows customers secure, warranty protected shares.

When asked what Flogas’ ambitions are for the UK solar market, Taylor said “as much as is possible”, and are looking at the public sector and high energy users.

Taylor also revealed Flogas has a community solar project in the pipeline, and if successful will be seeking to do more community solar projects, based on government sentiments “based on their [government] language, there should be more funding for community projects".

Flogas also distributes wind turbines, air source heat pumps, biogass and solar thermal in the UK and has an off grid customer base of 12,000 natural gas customers.


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