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Smappee enters commercial energy management market with Smappee Pro

Smappee enters commercial energy management market with Smappee Pro

Belgium-based energy management company Smappee is launching a new energy monitoring and control product for small and medium-sized businesses.

The company’s Smappee Pro solution allows companies to see their current energy consumption and make adjustments remotely to reduce excessive energy consumption. Smappee claims that an advanced disaggregation algorithm allows the company to track energy consumption down to a commercial appliance level.

The company hopes that providing the tools to monitor and affect a business’ energy consumption that companies will be able to tackle their utility costs, improving their bottom line and become more competitive in the process.


“We have leveraged our innovative smart home technology to create Smappee Pro,” said Stefan Grosjean, chief executive officer and co-founder of Smappee. “Together, Smappee, our flagship home energy monitor, and Smappee Pro can give consumers and businesses energy information and the ability to control their appliances remotely. This enables them to develop sustainable behaviour to not only save costs, but also combat climate change in the long run.”

The move into the commercial sector marks a break from Smappee’s traditional focus on the domestic sector. The company says that Smappee Pro will be available starting this month, priced at £429 excluding VAT, installation and data storage costs. Smappee Pro will be installed through selected partners.


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