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Smart meters rollout hits 21 million milestone

The 21 millionth smart meter was installed in Cheshire on 30 June. Image: Getty.

The 21 millionth smart meter was installed in Cheshire on 30 June. Image: Getty.

The national smart meter network operated by the Data Communications Company (DCC) has passed 21 million devices connected in the UK.

Octopus Energy installed the milestone smart meter on 30 June at 10:54am in Cheshire.

First-generation smart meters in June saw an increase of 155,343 devices, bringing its total to 8,923,971 at the end of June 2022, while second-generation smart meters had 290,950 installs in June with a cumulative total of 12,091,278 at the end of June 2022.

In its latest update, ElectraLink had announced that more than 18.25 million smart meters were installed across Great Britain.

The pace of installs have decreased since the beginning of the year with quarterly installs in January at 2.8 million before decreasing to 1.2 million as of 8 July 2022, according to data from DCC and as shown in the chart below:

Penny Brown, chief operating officer at DCC, said: “The DCC’s secure nationwide network continues to grow at a consistent rate, adding a million smart meters in less than 2 months.

“More people than ever can get a smart meter, as the DCC and its customers, the energy suppliers, deploy new technology such as dual band meters and communication hubs.”

The technology of dual band smart meters adds a second wireless band, which improves communications through thicker walls and long distances and will further unlock 20% of homes and small businesses, allowing them to get smart meters.

More than 969 million messages have been sent across the DCC network in June, up 97% from June 2021 and almost 100 million more than April 2022.


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