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SP Energy Networks seeks increased flexibility in second tendering round with Piclo

Credit: Courtesy of Andy Beecroft

Image: Andy Beecroft

Distribution network operator SP Energy Networks has entered a commercial partnership with flexibility marketplace provider Piclo, as part of its transformation into a Distribution System Operator.

SP Energy Networks is going to procure up to 95MW of flexibility as part of itssecond tender with Piclo Flex, within two license areas; SP Distribution and SP Manweb. Piclo’s Flex platform enables energy providers to register they assets, and automatically qualify and bid for flexibility auctions.

The tendering rounds will take place within ten areas; Flint, Ringway, North Shropshire, Newton/Welshpool, Crewe, Carrington, Broxburn, Berwick Ring, Durie House and Paulville. All flex providers registered on Piclo will automatically be notified if they have qualifying assets in these areas, and will be invited to bid into the auctions to secure contracts with SP Energy Networks.

The pre-qualification period for the tenders opened on 4 October, and will last until 6 December, with completion expected to open on 11 December and close on 15 January.

Graham Campbell, head of DSO at SP Energy Networks said he is "delighted" to be partnering with Piclo again.

“We know flexibility is key to the development of the smart network of the future. As we help the UK, Scottish and Welsh governments achieve their ambitious Net Zero carbon targets, and our world becomes ever more reliant on electricity, these flexibility services are vital. They will help us ensure our customers continue to receive a secure and reliable power supply whilst facilitating allowing them to take full advantage of low carbon technologies.”

SP Energy Networks is Piclo's fourth commercial partner, having secured similar agreements with Western Power Distribution and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks earlier this year.

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