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SSE to treble renewables output, slash carbon intensity in SDG pledge

Image: SSE.

Image: SSE.

SSE is to slash the carbon intensity of its generated electricity in half and treble its renewables output as part of a series of new sustainability initiatives.

The energy giant has established new targets, to be hit by 2030, which it says will help tackle climate change and support global sustainable development goals aligned to the UN SDGs.

It has established four key objective, with the primary objective to cut the carbon intensity of its power by 50%. It also wants to treble its renewable energy output over the next decade, eventually contributing around 30TWh each year.

SSE will also look to pave the way for 10 million EVs to be accommodated in Great Britain by investing in the flexibility of its network infrastructure.

Furthermore, the company’s senior management team has agreed to be judged in their progress against those goals and SSE has added its first chief sustainability officer to its top table.

Alistair Phillips-Davies, chief executive at SSE, said the UN had “created a blueprint” for a sustainable world, one that the firm was “putting front and centre of our business”.

“The four ambitious objectives underpin what our businesses stand for and our investment in long-term, sustainable, low carbon assets and infrastructure will contribute to the UK and Ireland’s climate change targets while building a fairer and more prosperous society,” he added.

Late last year SSE established a special purpose renewables division, spinning out all of its renewables activities in order to “maximise” its contribution to the UK’s decarbonisation effort.

That unit is expected to house more than 4GW of wind, hydro and pumped storage by April, with SSE also laying claim to one of the largest pipelines of renewables projects in the UK.


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