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SSE trials network monitoring tool ‘paving the way’ for smart grids

Image: Getty.

Image: Getty.

SSE Enterprise Telecoms has partnered energy monitoring firm Synaptec for real-time network analysis trials that will support future smart grids.

Synaptec provides suppliers with power line condition monitoring technology, resulting in enhanced operational visibility of their networks.

Details on performance as well as variables such as current flow and temperature will be provided from Synaptec’s measurement node, which sits within existing fibre infrastructure.

The technology is set to help SSE to improve wide-area protection, control and asset management functions, offering more cost-effective, scalable visibility and real-time monitoring, Synaptec said.

Philip Orr, managing director at Synaptec, said its technology is “futureproofing” the industry by “paving the way for smart grids” and greener energy consumption.

The technology is also primed to improve the maintenance capabilities of network operators. Data is sent to a real-time analytics platform for predictive maintenance, allowing early identification of issues, further supporting the transition from distribution network operator to distribution system operator.

Colin Sempill, chief executive at SSE Enterprise Telecoms, said: “The global demand for energy is changing significantly, due to the pursuit of cleaner energy and greater consumer awareness of how we generate and use our power.

"Supporting this shift to smarter energy requires suppliers to rethink how networks are managed in real-time, and to keep them safer, more efficient and reduce waste.

“This trial, once completed, will give the UK energy market the real-time analysis they require, now and in the future," he added.


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