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SSEN joins ADE’s Flex Assure scheme

SSEN is joining as a representative of the ENA's Open Networks project. Image: SSEN.

SSEN is joining as a representative of the ENA's Open Networks project. Image: SSEN.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution has joined the Association for Decentralised Energy’s (ADE) Flex Assure scheme.

The network operator will represent Energy Networks Association’s (ENA) Open Networks project on the Oversight Committee of Flex Assure.

A not-for-profit company, Flex Assure was launched in 2019 as a code of conduct scheme that sets out standards and provides accreditation and an audit process for flexibility service providers. It works with business energy users to deliver flexibility and demand side response services.

"Flexibility will be crucial to decarbonising the electricity system without breaking the bank,” said Caroline Bragg, head of policy at the ADE. “To achieve this, the flexibility sector is committed to good standards and industry conduct as set out under Flex Assure. It's great to see SSEN add it's vote of confidence to this effort.”

SSEN is joining Flex Assure to support the development of good practice in local flexibility markets, such as encouraging a consistent approach to increasing domestic participation and reducing the risks to industry and customers from flexibility.

The company pointed to the forecast from the Climate Change Committee that electricity demand could treble by 2050 due to electrification. Flexibility is key to managing this, offering a secure and cost-effective path.

“Flex Assure is a great initiative to promote consistent, safe, and sustainable practices in providing flexibility to ensure it is provided in a credible and transparent manner,” said Alex Howison, flexible solutions manager for SSEN.

“We are thrilled to be joining the Oversight Committee of Flex Assure through the ENA’s world leading Open Networks project. As we progress to a smarter energy system, utilising flexibility can help delay and avoid network reinforcement, and create opportunities for households and businesses to play an active role in the energy system that serves them. Flex Assure is playing a key and important role in opening up these opportunities and building customer trust in flexibility.”


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