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Tesla to open up Supercharger network to other EVs

Currently, the Tesla Supercharger network can only be used by Tesla vehicles. Image: Tesla

Currently, the Tesla Supercharger network can only be used by Tesla vehicles. Image: Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that the company's network of electric vehicle (EV) Superchargers is to open up to other EV models.

On social media site Twitter, Musk said in response to a Tweet surrounding the lack of interoperability of Tesla chargers that when the company created its own connector, there was no standard and Tesla was the only maker of long range electric cars.

"That said, we’re making our Supercharger network open to other EVs later this year," he wrote.

Currently, only Tesla vehicles can charge at a Supercharger. The move to open up the network comes during a time of increased focus on interoperability of EV charging networks.

Roaming and interoperability agreements have been signed between a number of chargepoint networks, including most recently between NewMotion and Mer.

Meanwhile, the government began consulting in February on improving the consumer experience at public chargepoints, with this including measures to enable payment interoperability between the various charging networks.

Recent chargepoint installations to include Tesla Superchargers include motorway service area giant Moto's Rugby site, which includes twelve Superchargers and 12 Electric Highway, as well as a hub in Oxford which is to have 38 fast and ultra-rapid chargers, twelve of which will be Tesla Superchargers.

Early this year, Tesla was voted the best charging network in Zap-Map's annual EV charging network satisfaction ranking, being praised for its “seamless” charging experience, with no need for payment cards, as well as payment being automatic and there being free charging for many early adopters.

Current± has contacted Tesla for further information on the opening up of the Supercharger network.


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