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‘Trump’ trashes solar farm in new OVO campaign

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OVO Energy has launched a new campaign for its ‘power your life differently’ drive, featuring a Donald Trump-like figure trashing a solar farm with a golf club.

The satirical, 20-second spot portrays the US President arriving at a ground-mount solar farm equipped with a driver before proceeding to smash one of its panels.

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OVO teamed with art provocateur Alison Jackson for the advert, describing it as the supplier’s “biggest and most provocative advertising campaign” to date.

Trump’s presidency has been famed for its attitude towards renewable energy and decarbonisation. The 45th US President has committed to withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Agreement, professing it to be a “bad deal” for the country, while also bidding to end a supposed war on “clean coal”.

Sarah Keegan, brand director at OVO Energy, said the company was taking a stand against politicians and other high-profile individuals who “stand in the way of sustainable progress”.

“We're making the point that if you're against what they stand for when it comes to powering our planet, we're with you. 

“‘Power your life differently’ aims to empower people to join OVO Energy in its quest to create a sustainable energy system, by signing up or switching to renewable electricity,” she said.


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