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UK passes 5,000 rapid EV charger milestone

There are now 27,393 EV chargers in the UK. Image: Zap-Map

There are now 27,393 EV chargers in the UK. Image: Zap-Map

New data from Zap-Map has revealed that there are now 5,004 rapid electric vehicle (EV) chargers, with 180 of these installed in the last 30 days.

Overall, there are 27,393 EV chargers in the UK, with these split between 17,323 locations. Over the last 30 days, 1,108 EV chargers have been installed.

Ubitricity currently operates the most EV chargers of a single network in the UK, with 4,133 (15.1%). This is followed by Pod Point with 3,434 (12.6%), BP Pulse with 2,850 (10.4%) and ChargePlace Scotland with 1,906 (7%).

Looking at the geographical spread of chargers, Greater London has the highest number, with 8,668 (31.7%) in the region. This is followed by the South East with 3,481 (12.7%), Scotland with 2,764 (10.1%) and the South West with 1,929 (7.1%).

Recent rollouts include those from ESB Energy, which is aiming to install 394 chargers in Birmingham, and Liberty Charge, which is looking to install 600 EV charging sockets across London by the end of 2021.

Meanwhile, Connected Kerb is aiming to install 190,000 public on-street EV chargers by 2030, with this to require up to £1.9 billion in investment.


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