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UKPN calls on generators to apply for grants to help boost local energy output

Image: UKPN.

Image: UKPN.

UK Power Networks (UKPN) is offering grants for electricity generators in an effort to boost local energy output across the South East and East of England.

Generators connected before February 2018 may need to upgrade their hardware, as the standard protection settings applied to generation prior to this are now too sensitive considering today’s generation mix. Therefore they risk cutting out unnecessarily, inhibiting their ability to export during normal system events.

All generators must have up-to-date protection settings by 1 September 2022, as it is a requirement of the Distribution Code. In order therefore to ensure distributed generators, ranging from large wind and solar farms to office complexes or hospital with their own generating plants can continue to be connected to the electricity network, many must upgrade to safeguard both the generator and the electricity network

To aid this, UKPN has set up a grant scheme for all qualifying generators to ensure they can make the required changes as soon as possible.

Matt White, network development and operability manager at UKPN said there has been a national drive to get as many generators to upgrade their hardware as possible, and that there has been a really good response.

“In particular we’re urging large office complexes in London and public buildings like schools, hospitals and universities with their own generation plants to come forward.

“The hardware upgrade is relatively straightforward and has already been performed on more than 4,000 sites nationwide. Ultimately it’s going to save generators and customers money, and contribute to a more resilient and reliable electricity system.”

The current window for funding is set to shut on 10 November, leading the network operator to push for more generators to apply. In order to qualify, generators must be connected in accordance with a connection procedure called EREC G59.


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