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Uniper looks to optimise its assets with FICO enterprise license

Uniper's North Killingholme Power Station. Image: David Hebb.

Uniper's North Killingholme Power Station. Image: David Hebb.

Generation company Uniper is looking to move its computing to the cloud, having bought an enterprise license for FICO Xpress Optimisation.

The company, which owns and operates six natural gas plants in the UK along with one of the country’s last remaining coal plants Ratcliffe-on-Soar, is hoping to use FICO’s software to upscale its cloud infrastructure.

Additionally, the company operates gas storage in the UK, along with in Germany and Austria, with a collective gas capacity of 7.5bcm.

FICO’s optimisation software will allow it to run more complex models, and deliver results for shorter periods of time, allowing it to be more flexible. This will help it base its energy storage valuations on multiple income streams, strengthening the business case.

"Uniper needs the smartest technology available to inform our energy production decisions, which is why Xpress models run at the core of a number of our decision processes," said Colin Silvester, Senior Modelling Expert at Uniper.

"The first-class service we've received from the FICO team for the past 20 years only cemented our recent decision to upgrade our Xpress solution to enterprise-level. FICO has earned its reputation as a leader in optimization technology."

FICO Xpress Optimisation has been used by the company on seven previous projects.

Uniper’s UK generation plants won contracts in T-3 Capacity Market auction in February, and was the only company to win contracts for coal assets.

The company was recently selected to provide National Grid ESO with inertia without the need to simultaneously provide electricity, in what the operator claims to be a world first.


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