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Wallbox launches its latest charger Pulsar Max in the UK

Wallbox's Pulsar Max charger will offer price optimised charging. Image: Wallbox.

Wallbox's Pulsar Max charger will offer price optimised charging. Image: Wallbox.

Electric vehicle charging and energy management company Wallbox has launched its latest smart charger, the Pulsar Max, in the UK.

It builds on the company’s Pulsar Plus model, and has up to 22kW of power and comes in six colours.

The Pulsar Max is designed to be compatible with Wallbox’s energy management software, including its proprietary Eco-Smart technology, which uses a households domestic solar PV to charge the vehicles.

Additionally, customers can use Wallbox’s app to save money and lower their environmental impact by scheduling charging. Drivers can save up to £180 a year by charging during off-peak hours, the company said.

“We are delighted to introduce Pulsar Max to our UK customers. We have taken user feedback to design a charger that seamlessly integrates into the users everyday lifestyle and home,” said Alan McCleave, director of UK and Ireland at Wallbox.

“This powerful and compact charger is designed to deliver top charging speeds, allows users to minimise and control their energy usage from their phones, and introduces a more stylish and user friendly design, taking the quality of EV home charging to the next level.”

Wallbox is now operational in 80 countries, with offices in nine. In 2021, it signed a new partnership with Lightsource Labs to allow users of its home management platform Tribe in the UK, Spain and Australia to perform vehicle-to-grid services.


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