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WPD and Anesco clinch ‘pioneering’ demand management deal

Image: Anesco.

Image: Anesco.

Western Power Distribution has signed a “pioneering” demand side management deal with battery storage developer Anesco.

The agreement, claimed to be amongst the first in the UK, will see Anesco agree to flex or shift its electricity consumption in exchange for reduced extra high voltage charges, essentially reducing the operating costs of Anesco’s assets.

Such an agreement not only allows for more flexible management of networks, reducing the need for reinforcements, but also helps the business case underpinning battery storage assets.

Simon Yeo, income manager at distribution network operator WPD, said the agreement demonstrates the benefits of battery storage in managing network capacity constraints.

Mike Ryan, asset management director at Anesco, described the deal as a solution which would provide value to customers of both Anesco and WPD, and called on other DNOs to follow suit.


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