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WPD boosts flexibility visibility with Piclo partnership

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Western Power Distribution (WPD) has entered a commercial partnership with flexibility platform Piclo.

The partnership will see visibility of WPD’s latest Flexible Power tender enhanced.

The DNO announced the new tender for 184MW of flexibility through its Flexible Power brand earlier this month. All flexibility providers registered on Piclo will automatically be notified if they have qualifying assets located in WPD’s 17 Constraint Management Zones. The provider’s data will then be shared with WPD, which will then directly engage with the provider through Flexible Power’s procurement process.

The tender closes on 20 September, following on from its previous tender for 93.4MW across 12 locations.

WPD was the last DNO to sign up to Piclo Flex, Piclo’s online marketplace for local flexibility, in late 2018.

Ben Godfrey, network strategy manager at WPD, said the DNO is “keen” to provide visibility to all energy system participants.

“Further collaboration between WPD’s Flexible Power and Piclo will help develop the co-ordination required to allow providers of demand side response services to have multiple routes to participation and access wider markets.”


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