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Articles tagged with: decentralisation

Image: Will Clayton.

A year in the life of Current±, and what’s coming next

Today marks exactly one year since we launched Current±, a publication we very much intended to both demystify and accelerate the clean energy transition. Liam Stoker reflects on the year just gone, and teases plans for next 12 months.

Image: National Grid.

Battery Storage Unlocked: Behind National Grid’s new Distributed Resource Desk

In just 24 hours, National Grid’s new Distributed Resource Desk more than doubled the amount of distributed capacity to access the Balancing Mechanism, representing a key milestone in the system operator’s handling of a more decentralised power system. Liam Stoker gets the inside track on the desk’s development and how operators have responded.

Image: Getty.

Laying the groundwork for Britain’s Internet of Energy

David Smith, chief executive of the Energy Networks Association, lays bare the significance and importance of the Flexibility Commitment that, he says, will underpin the creation of a cost-saving ‘Internet of Energy’ for UK households.