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Manufacturing advanced circular economy lithium-ion batteries

Aceleron is a circular economy focused lithium battery company with a social impact mission to increase worldwide clean energy access. Our patented battery assembly technology enables the easy remanufacture, reuse, recycling and repair (4R) of lithium batteries. Significantly reducing battery waste and the lifetime cost of the battery, as it can be serviced, maintained and upgraded without needing a complete replacement, novel to the industry.

At present, lithium batteries are produced, used and then thrown away - often with over 70% of their health remaining. By extracting value from the batteries and repurposing them into new applications, Aceleron is able to extract the full value from battery packs. Aceleron offers this technology in three core products; Solaron – suitable for energy demands of households in emerging markets; Essential - a lead-acid battery replacement for scalable energy storage use (e.g. data centres, telecoms, UPS) and; Offgen – residential/commercial energy storage.

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