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Adding intelligence to global energy storage

Moixa is an industry leading cleantech company that manufactures smart batteries and GridShare software to enable the move away from fossil fuels by optimising the way people generate, distribute and consume renewable energy. Our focus is always on value for the end user, and we believe a sustainable future is one that brings benefits to all involved.

Moixa 's GridShare® manages hundreds of GWh of batteries, leveraging its experience across homes in the UK, Ireland and Japan. GridShare uses AI to learn and optimise daily charging, leveraging low carbon resources and time-of-day tariffs. The software also enables utilities to aggregate and manage large fleets of batteries and electric vehicles in order to deliver flexibility services into ancillary markets and deliver superior customer propositions and savings.

Moixa’s scalable smart charging solution and AI software can be applied to all companies with large vehicle fleets to put managers in full control of their energy use and emissions. GridShare already hosts the world’s largest single fleet of domestic batteries across more than 18,000 homes in Japan, growing by more than 1,500 a month. The company is now using this experience to deliver intelligent, AI-driven optimisation for EV users and fleet operators.

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