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The future of Energy

We have developed an innovative energy exchange system, harnessing the power of blockchain, AI and IoT, in order to create local energy markets. Our solution offers significant savings in energy bills for consumers, brings renewable energy generators of all size to the mainstream market, and enables large consumers to meet their net zero carbon emission target. We have regulated our innovation with Ofgem, Innovation Link, and are rolling out to the UK energy market in the first instance.

Where does the savings come from?

By creating these local energy markets, renewable generators are connected directly to the consumers using virtual power plants, thus making the customers exempt from paying policy costs such as RO, FiT, CfD & CM. This method has been approved by Ofgem. This means customers can save a minimum of 20% on their bills, and up to 50%! The savings from the exemption of the levies are also passed on to the generator, so that the generator makes on average, 20% more than the current market rate, thus making renewables viable without government subsidies.

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