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AI-enabled ‘digital workers’ bolster Utilita customer service

Image: Utilita/Definition Agency.

Image: Utilita/Definition Agency.

Energy retailer Utilita has turned to AI-based “digital workers” to automate a number of tasks, resulting in more efficient processes and higher customer satisfaction.

Utilita, which operates in the pay as you go market, used Thoughtonomy’s software-as-a-service based Intelligent Automation platform to automate 24 processes that were previously enacted manually by its staff, including switching customers between payment schemes, ordering new pre-payment cards and handling transfers.

This was then expanded to some of Utilita’s field services, including scheduling engineer appointments, which has helped to drastically reduce wasted visits and high engineer utilization rates.

Now the utility is looking to expand the service’s reach even further, training its “digital workers” to read, categorise and forward in-bound customer queries to the correct customer service team using natural language processing.

Utilita said the use of Thoughtonomy’s programmes formed a crucial cog of its overall IT transformation strategy, designed at placing technology central to its efforts.

Ian Burgess, IT director at Utilita, said the firm was already seeing the positive impact of automation.

"We are putting Intelligent Automation at the very centre of our wider IT transformation programme, making it integral to the design of key initiatives such as enabling and promoting customer self-service through mobile apps and online platforms.

“This was one of the most critical factors in our decision to work with Thoughtonomy. Their cloud-based platform provides us with the flexibility and functionality we need as we embark on this exciting journey.”


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