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Alfen chosen to help electrify Volkswagen’s EV supply chain

Sheerness Port EV chargers. Image: Alfen.

Sheerness Port EV chargers. Image: Alfen.

Volkswagen Group UK has chosen Alfen to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging for key import points.

The company has now supplied 30 smart charging points to the automotive giant’s port terminals in Sheerness, Grimsby and Tyne, where they will be used to help support the rapid growth of the group’s range of EVs.

As it increases the number of its EVs and hybrids in the UK – with plans to introduce 50 purely electric and 30 hybrid models by 2025 – Volkswagen needs suitable charging infrastructure for its supply chain. As such, it announced in June that ElectrAssure had won a tender to install the charging infrastructure at key points in its supply chain including ports and pre delivery inspection centres over the next five years.

ElectrAssure has selected Smart Alfen Eve Double chargers, which can charge up to 22kW for the port sites, these will be used to charge imported vehicles before they continue their journey.

Additionally, Alfen’s Smart Charging Network and Active Load Balancing were also incorporated into the chargers to help manage the load on the grid at the sites.

Naomi Nye, sales manager at Alfen, said the company was pleased to support ElectrAssure and “another one of the largest automotive OEMs to deliver the quality hardware together with the smart software to give Volkswagen Group UK the charging infrastructure they need.”

The EV market has proven particularly resilient in 2020according to Alfen, with its EV charging segment revenues jumping 194% in its H1 2020 results from the same period of 2019.


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