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Bonnet boosts EV charging app with addition of 900 GeniePoint chargers

Bonnet's co-founder Patrick Reich. Image: Bonnet

Bonnet's co-founder Patrick Reich. Image: Bonnet

Over 900 electric vehicle (EV) chargers are to be added to Bonnet’s platform in a new partnership with GeniePoint owner and operator EQUANS.

This is the fifteenth chargepoint operator (CPO) to be added to Bonnet’s roster, with over 32,000 chargepoint locations now on the app.

The new partnership follows Bonnet securing US$5.5 million (£4 million) in new investment in March to support the expansion of its coverage to the majority of UK and European chargers by the end of 2022.

Patrick Reich, co-founder and CEO of Bonnet, said: “GeniePoint’s state of the art rapid charge points will be available for all Bonnet users, allowing them to quickly charge their vehicles at locations across the country. This partnership is a further step towards alleviating charging anxiety concerns that many drivers still have.”

GeniePoint's chargers can be found at strategic locations across the country, including Morrisons supermarkets and Whitbread’s Premier Inn Estates.

The two companies said this partnership is "vital" in simplifying the public charging experience.

EV charging networks are becoming increasingly intertwined through the signing of roaming agreements intended to simplify EV charging.

Last month, Paua announced it had agreed contracts to provide EV fleets with access to 10,000 chargepoint connectors across the UK, which it said made it the UK's largest business roaming charging network.

Meanwhile, roaming agreements to have been signed recently include one between Osprey Charging and European EV charging platform GreenFlux, while Connected Kerb and Motor Fuel Group joined payment interoperability service Zap-Pay.


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