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Bulb expands into US to help 'make energy simple'

Image: Bulb.

Image: Bulb.

Challenger energy supplier Bulb has taken a step into the US energy market as it launches in Texas.

The company said it is hoping to make energy “simple for Texans”, adding that it is one of the most complex energy markets leading to 1 in 5 Texan households switch their energy provider each year.

Citing the speed of switching to Bulb and its commitment to paying up to $100 towards cancellation fees (£77.54), the company said it is making it “easy for members to get help whenever they need it”.

“Texas has always been an energy leader. Now it's becoming the model for renewable energy, as the country's top producer of wind energy and a growing solar hub,” Hayden Wood, co-founder and CEO of Bulb, said.

“However, Texan households have not been guaranteed affordable green energy and great service. That's why we're looking forward to learning from and supporting people here while providing them with 100% renewable energy at better prices."

The company said that since its soft launch in Texas, more than 5,000 members have switched to Bulb.

The company is currently offering a $100 (£77.54) credit to essential workers in Texas who join Bulb. For every essential worker that switches to Bulb, the company is also donating $10 (£7.75) to charity Feeding Texas.

Bulb announced its plans to expand internationally - including into Texas - in 2019. Other locations outlined by the company were France and Spain.


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