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Bulb launches EV solution offering cheaper overnight charging

The EV solutions will be available in Bulb's app. Image: Bulb.

The EV solutions will be available in Bulb's app. Image: Bulb.

Bulb has launched a new electric vehicle (EV) plan that offers 100% renewable electricity and cheaper charging at night as key features.

The plan is currently being trialed by Bulb members, although it is set to expand in coming weeks. It allows EV drivers to charge their car at a cheaper rate of 4p/kWh between 2am and 6am, with this rising to around 20p/kWh outside of these hours.

Drivers will also be able to schedule and track the cost of charging, with visibility of the live status of their car, including battery level, range and charging status.

These features are available through Bulb's app, as is the ability to order a charger to allow drivers to charge more conveniently at home.

The app is compatible with 75% of electric cars, Bulb said, claiming it as the highest level of compatibility in the market due to the app connecting with cars rather than chargers.

There is also the ability for drivers to order a EO Mini Pro 2 charger, arrange installation and access the EVHS grant from Bulb’s website.

Geraldine de Boisse, VP Innovation at Bulb, said the energy supplier is "making it simpler and easier" for EV drivers to own an electric car and "do their bit for the planet".

Last week, the company was named the fastest growing firm in Europe as part of the FT 1000, with a compound annual growth rate of 1159.3%.

It joins a number of suppliers in offering EV solutions. In December 2020, EDF launched its cheapest EV tariff to date, with the zero carbon GoElectric 35 tariff offering an off-peak rate of 4.5p/KWh. For this, off peak is classified as 12am-5am daily.

Other offerings from suppliers includes ScottishPower’s SmartGreen EV tariff and a charging bundle from Shell that includes a dedicated EV tariff allowing 2,000 miles worth of free charging per year and a discounted home smart charger installed for £299.


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