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Dundee hub to combine solar, storage and electric vehicle charging

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Image: Connected Energy.

An electric vehicle charging hub in Dundee is to combine rapid chargers, solar canopies and onsite energy storage as part of the cities Go Ultra Low programme.

Dundee City Council was awarded the funding back in January 2016 when it proposed to use its share of £5 million in development funding for smaller projects to build commuter charging hubs.

The initiative’s flagship location on Princes Street will incorporate six rapid chargers and solar canopies alongside a 60kW/90kWh E-STOR system from Connected Energy.

The energy storage system, which uses second life batteries from Renault, will be used to improve the business case and manage the peak load while maximising the solar energy generated on site to charge electric vehicles.

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Image: Connected Energy.

Matthew Lumsden, chief executive of Connected Energy said, “This is a landmark project in terms of the development of EV charging hubs in the UK so we are very pleased to be contributing to the development of the system and the supporting operational and business case.”

The E-Stor technology has also already been used in Belgium and Germany to help avoid high power grid connection costs.

Evolt has secured the overall contract and will be managing installation, expected to be completed in the coming weeks.

Lynne Short, convener of Dundee City Council's city development committee, added: "This is an important project for the city and it will take us to the next level when it comes to our charging infrastructure.

“Within the 26 square miles of perfection that is Dundee we will have a charging network second to none and working with skilled and efficient suppliers is a key part of that."


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