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E.On rolls out Smart Installation Services for suppliers

Image: E.On.

Image: E.On.

Energy company E.On has launched a new service to help suppliers meet the UK government’s smart meter roll-out targets.

Called E.On Smart Installation Services, it will provide meter financing, consultancy, engineer training and the ability to ‘hire’ an engineer to carry out installations, depending on a supplier’s needs.

Chris Lovatt, chief operating officer of E.On Energy Infrastructure Services, said the company’s “extensive experience, expertise and capabilities” can be applied to other suppliers striving to reach their own installation targets. E.On claims to have installed 3 million smart meters, and is currently the UK’s largest installer of the newer SMETS2 meters.

“Our extensive experience, expertise and capabilities can help other suppliers to meet their targets and, just as importantly, help their customers benefit from accurate bills and personalised information about their energy use,” Lovatt said.

The UK government originally said smart meters must be fitted in all homes and businesses by the end of 2019, but the rollout has stalled due to technology concerns with the first generation meters, and engineer availability amongst other reasons.

Installations were put on hold in March due to the UK-wide COVID-19 lockdown, but restarted again in June. The government has since extended its obligation to take All Reasonable Steps to install smart meters to July 2021 as a result of the upheaval the pandemic has caused, but some utilities have also faced warnings from regulators that they are falling behind on targets.


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