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EDF partners heat pump firm Daikin to help customers access Green Homes Grant

Image: Daikin.

Image: Daikin.

Big Six supplier EDF has teamed up with eco-heating technology brand Daikin to offer heat pumps to customers.

The move will help enable access to and educate consumers on eco-friendly heating solutions, with the technology to be backed by zero carbon electricity tariffs.

Customers will be able to access support and advice on heat pumps from EDF, including how to access eligible funding such as the Green Homes Grant. This was launched in September by the government, and provides homeowners with vouchers of up to £5,000, or £10,000 for low incomes households, for home improvements including heat pumps.

Chris Connon, senior manager of heat at EDF, said the company wanted to offer their customers “smarter, innovative solutions” that will allow them to switch to a low carbon lifestyle, whether that be technologies such as electric vehicles or alternative solutions to heating like heat pumps.

“In fact, by 2035 we aim to help our household customers reduce their collective emissions by the equivalent of more than 70% of that arising from their 2019 electricity and gas use. By partnering with Daikin, we’re able to increase awareness of renewable home heating and more specifically the benefits of heat pumps to our customers, as well as offering them a trusted supplier.”

Heat pumps produce 45% fewer carbon emissions compared to a gas boiler and 59% fewer than an oil boiler, meaning switching to the low carbon alternative could save up to 43.5 tonnes of carbon emissions over the system’s lifetime per home.

With the UK working to transition to net zero by 2050, there are increasing calls for more support and commitment to decarbonising the heating sector. The Environmental Audit Committee announced an inquiry into heat pumps and the role they could play in October, after the news that it will take the UK 700 years to move to low carbon heating at its current speed broke.

Iain Bevan, commercial manager at Daikin UK, said: “Positive change has to happen, and this means moving away from using fossil fuel powered gas boilers, wood fires and other pollutant-expelling heat, and moving towards sustainable methods of heating our homes that are available now.

“There’s a clear role for the heating industry in educating consumers to help them make the right decisions for their homes and our new partnership with EDF provides a great platform to do this. Together we’re able to give consumers access to the advice they need and support them through the full installation process, ensuring they get the best heat pump solution for their home.”

As well as reducing carbon emissions, an efficient heat pump could also save households money, with possibly savings of up to £378 on heating bills compared to gas boilers and £476 compared to oil boilers annually.


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