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ElectraLink’s Stuart Lacey steps down after ten years

Stuart Lacey, who is stepping down as CEO. Image: ElectraLink.

Stuart Lacey, who is stepping down as CEO. Image: ElectraLink.

ElectraLink’s CEO Stuart Lacey has stepped down after ten years at the DNO-owned energy market data transfer service operator.

During his time at the company, Lacey led the negotiations for user approvals and navigated data protection legislation, allowing it to provide a range of data services, reducing costs, enabling regulation and driving innovation.

Lacey is leaving “for a new challenge” he said, after ten “enjoyable years building a great team, growing the business and developing the capabilities that will ensure the company’s future for many years to come".

“Access to open data, expertise in managing huge energy market datasets and an understanding of relevant industry codes position ElectraLink as an important catalyst in the UK’s transition to carbon net zero – I wish the team the best of luck.”

Dan Hopkinson, who has been at ElectraLink for five years as director of data and transformation services is to take on the acting CEO role. He has worked to deliver a new cloud-based DTS and transform ElectraLink into the GB energy market’s Energy Market Data Hub.

Prior to ElectraLink, Hopkinson working as senior operational management roles at both Siemens and G4S.


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