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Electricity North West calls for feedback as it prepares network for 3m EVs by 2050

Image: Electricity North West.

Image: Electricity North West.

Distribution network operator Electricity North West has outlined how it will support the more than 3 million electric vehicles (EVs) predicted to be use in its region by 2050.

It has set out eight strategies covering the steps it will take before 2028 in order to prepare the network for the increased demand brought by the growth in EVs.

As part of these, Electricity North West has explored the environmental impact of the network, the innovation and new connections needed and how best to support vulnerable customers.

The full list of strategies includes:

  • Electricity users in vulnerable circumstances
  • Environmental action plan consultation
  • Electric vehicle strategy
  • Major connections strategy
  • DSO system operation strategy
  • Innovation strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Community and local strategy

Electricity North West is now opening up the strategies for customer and stakeholder feedback until the 5 March 2021.

Paul Bircham, communications director at Electricity North West, said that as the region moves towards net zero, “the way we all use electricity is going to change massively".

“The purpose of these strategies is to ensure that no-one gets left behind in that energy transition, ensuring that the work we do to support EVs and other services are fully inclusive and accessible to everyone.

“We could not have done that without the insight we have received as part of our engagement programme so far, but we can’t stop yet. It’s essential that, as we refine our plans, our customers and key stakeholders can still have their say on our plans before we submit them.”

The strategies follow similar calls from other network operators such as UK Power Networks – which is expecting 4.5 million EVs to be connected in its region by 2030 – and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks – which is expect 5 million to be connected in its region.

Investment to meet the growing charging needs forms part of Electricity North West’s Leading the North West to zero carbon plan, with £63.5 million already set to be invested between 2019 and 2023.


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