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ENW announces its largest flexibility to date calling for 122MW

Image: ENW.

Image: ENW.

Electricity North West (ENW) has put out its largest flexibility tender ever, seeking up to 122MW of flexibility.

The tender covers 17 locations in the north west for throughout 2022 and 2023 and is being conducted via the PicloFlex platform.

ENW announced its partnership with Piclo in October as it moved to launch a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) on the latter’s Flex platform. This will now be used for the flexibility auction, the seventh run by the DNO.

Lois Clark, DSO commercial manager at ENW said: “We are committed to simplifying our approach to flexibility to encourage participation and facilitate our journey to net zero carbon in the North West and are excited to be working with Piclo to help us achieve these goals.”

A number of DNO’s have put out large tenders for flexibility, with UK Power Network’s announcing its largest ever tender earlier this month. The company is seeking a total of 250MW of flexible capacity covering more than 130 sites, unveiling a £50 million funding package to support this.

In October, Western Power Distribution awarded 222MW of flexibility in its sixth round of procurement, and has already announced its intention to run further tenders in 2021.

Potential providers of flexibility now have until 18 January 2021 to prequalify their assets for ENW’s tender. Following this, the bidding window will be open from 25 January – 5 February 2021.


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