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News Everything EV partners Easee to offer EV charging package

By automatically charging EVs when electricity is cheapest, the average driver can save £250 per year says Image:

By automatically charging EVs when electricity is cheapest, the average driver can save £250 per year says Image: has announced a new partnership with Easee, to offer electric vehicle (EV) drivers a combined hardware and software package designed to save them money.

By combining’s EV charging software – which automatically optimises charging, allowing EVs to benefit from the cheapest and greenest energy on the grid or domestic generation such as rooftop solar – and Easee’s domestic charger, the average EV driver could save £250 per year on their energy bills, the companies said.

“We’re on a mission to shape the future of electricity and want to make electric vehicle charging as accessible and affordable as possible,” Csilla Heim, UK country director at Easee.

“This new partnership will reduce the cost of energy bills and help consumers to charge their vehicles at times when fewer fossil fuels are being used on the grid. This is good for people and good for the planet too.”

Easee customers will additionally be able to claim £60-£120 in cash rewards from using the app, and reduce their carbon emissions by 20%.

The partnership follows both companies individually partnering with Jumptech over the past year, Easee in September and in November.

In May 2022, also announced a new partnership with Allstar Business Solutions, to allow its customers to use Allstar’s network of 5,700 public charging stations across the UK. While in March, the smart-home charging app company partnered with Hubject to create the “most comprehensive” EV charging dataset in the world, according to the companies.

“Easee share our vision to simplify electric vehicle charging for EV drivers across the globe, and roll out solutions that are quick to install, and easy to support,” Nick Wooley, CEO at said.

“The opportunity in the UK right now is particularly exciting given the UK government’s shift towards 100% smart charging, through the UK’s “Smart Charging Regulations 2021”. Our joint solution meets this challenge by delivering a fast and compliant installation experience that supports drivers to save money, by charging using green energy from the grid or their solar panels, every time they charge.”

Current± recently caught up with Woolley to discuss the role of EVs and smart charging in virtual power plants.


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