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Fast charging key to enabling European EV uptake

Image: EVBox.

Image: EVBox.

Increasing European fast charging options would convince 66% of future electric vehicle (EV) drivers to switch sooner.

This is according to EVBox’s annual market research report, the EVBox Mobility Monitor, which is conducted alongside Ipsos and includes responses from over 3,600 European citizens across the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and Norway.

It found that on average 44% of current EV drivers are willing to pay more for fast charging, rising to 57% in the UK, and an average of 43% of potential EV drivers, again rising in the UK to 49%.

However, only 21% of EV drivers use a fast charger over five times in a month, with the majority of charging happening at home (73%), followed by the workplace (40%). When fast charging is used, it is most commonly used at service stops and fuel stations (55%), retail locations (48%) and public parking locations in cities (47%). The latter is also the location the majority of respondents said they would like to see more fast chargers.

The most requested features on a fast charger are charging indicators that show the station’s availability from a distance, interactive touchscreens and good illumination.

The availability of chargers and the speed of charging remain top concerns, with 38% stating they don’t think they’ll be able to find a charging point anytime and anywhere they need it. Conversely, 25% said they were confident they would.

In the UK specifically, charging availability was identified as a barrier by 56%, the price of an EV by 53% and charging time being too long by 34%.

Environmental considerations were, however, cited as a key factor to 68% of potential UK EV drivers when looking to buy a car, which comes in third place behind Germany at 72% and Belgium at 69%.

Lastly, 81% of UK respondents considering buying an EV think the government should prioritise policies that protect the environment, and 69% strongly supported tax credits to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Jonathan Goose, regional director of EVBox UK & Ireland, said: “Our market research shows citizens across Europe expect their governments, car manufacturers, charging station manufacturers, and other businesses to take an active role in protecting and positively impacting the environment.

“Together, we need to remove the main barriers to EV adoption so that future generations have the chance to experience a healthy planet connected by clean, electric mobility.”


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