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GeniePoint, latest to join Zap-Pay EV charging app

GeniePoint's almost 700 chargers are to be available to Zap-Pay users. Image: GeniePoint

GeniePoint's almost 700 chargers are to be available to Zap-Pay users. Image: GeniePoint

Zap-Pay has added electric vehicle (EV) charging networks GeniePoint and to its simplified payment service.

Having recently signed an agreement with EQUANS – the new name for ENGIE’s services-led activity and the company that owns GeniePoint – the two are now working on technical integration, with this on track to be completed in early August.

Once finalised, GeniePoint will be up and running as an established Zap-Pay partner, allowing users of the service to charge at any of GeniePoint’s almost 700 chargers while paying through the Zap-Pay app.

Being a single app payment system that uses a credit or debit card to pay for charging, Zap-Pay avoids the hassle of using different payment methods across the EV charging networks, the company said.

In January, it was announced that 600 chargers were to be installed at 300 Premier Inn hotels over the next three years, with these to form part of the GeniePoint network.

Prior to this, ENGIE signed a deal with waste management company Biffa to install EV chargers and integrate them into the GeniePoint platform.

Alongside GeniePoint, is also to join Zap-Pay, adding its 1,000 chargepoints.

The company secured £6.4 million in funding from the Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF) in June.

"As electric vehicles become mainstream, we need to make paying for charging as simple as possible, so we're excited to be adding more networks to Zap-Pay over the course of the year," said Alex Earl, commercial director at Zap-Map.

Zap-Map launched Zap-Pay in 2020. Alongside the payment service, it has also launched Zap-Home, which allows drivers to pre-book and pay to use residential chargers through the Zap-Map app.


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