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Iduna raises ambition as it seeks £6.5m through second investment offer

Iduna is to rollout 65 new EV chargers through the fundraise. Image: Getty.

Iduna is to rollout 65 new EV chargers through the fundraise. Image: Getty.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging firm Iduna has launched a second offer through Abundance’s crowdfunding platform.

This new offer – which is aiming to raise £6.5 million - will enable the rollout of 65 fast, rapid and ultra-rapid public EV chargers across the northwest. These will operate under Iduna’s Be.EV brand, which the company said is Greater Manchester’s biggest public EV charging network, with over 7,500 members.

"The Be.EV network has the clear regional focus needed to get to a critical mass of locally available chargers quickly so people feel confident to make the switch to electric sooner," said Asif Ghafoor, co-founder of Iduna.

Iduna Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2 is offering investors the abiltity to earn 8% interest per year over a five year term. Minimum investment is £5, which is the case with all Abundance investments.

The new offer follows Iduna raising £4 million through its first offer in April, with this funding being used to install 50 fast or rapid EV chargers around Greater Manchester.

Iduna is also developing charging hubs in response to demand from site owners, with multiple charging points at different speeds to suit different needs. These not only increase charger usage rates but also allow for future growth, the company said.


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